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2021 Band Line Up

The Fenians

For over twenty five years, The Fenians have delivered their potent mix of traditional Irish folk and good old rock n roll all across the USA and Ireland.


With an ever expanding set of original creations, as well as contemporary and traditional tunes plucked from the panoply of the genre, these five lads put on a live show that is second to none. Their foundation is decidedly Celtic, but there is no mistaking the complimentary influences of Rock, Folk, Bluegrass, Jazz, and World music.  


Craic in the Stone

Formed in 2013, Craic in the Stone is earning a reputation for an invigorating, eclectic Celtic sound that spans gorgeous storytelling and tightly woven harmonies, pub songs and traditional tunes, originals and fresh covers, as well as instrumental jigs and reels.


They are named after the quintessential Irish expression "craic," which is pronounced "crack," for fun times.

Lady Friar

Female-fronted folk band with a Celtic touch.


We play fresh arrangements of timeless trad songs, modern covers, instrumental jams, and originals.


Come along!

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The Ploughboys

We specialize in a unique mix of Irish & Celtic music, folk, bluegrass, pirate songs, songs about roving, drinking, fighting, lovemaking, drinking and fighting at the same time, lovemaking and drinking at the same time ... did we mention roving?

Ken O'Malley 

His passionate and compelling voice is what they notice first. As a solo artist, Ken O’Malley easily commands the room; with his band, he also rocks the house. Quickly drawing the audience in, it is no wonder that the Irish News describes him “without question, as the single most enduring, influential and proficient of all Irish musicians in Southern California” and the University of St. Thomas at Houston acknowledges him to be "widely regarded as the finest Irish folk singer/songwriter in the United States today.